Learning counting and recognition of number 3 – Level 3 – Worksheets

These attractive and beautiful worksheets/helpsheets/flash cards helps children to learn the first fundamental learning in the field of Mathematics. Here are the worksheets showing the counting of 3(three) in an interesting and easy way. These are different from Level 1 and Level 2 worksheets as in Level 1 Counting Worksheets, you will find that the color of objects is the same whereas in Level 2, the color of all the objects differ from one another and in Level 3 counting worksheets, all the objects showing a particular counting differ from one another thus leaving your child to have the best understanding of the concept.

3 objects 1

3 objects 2

3 objects 3

3 objects 4

3 objects 5

3 objects 6

3 objects 7

3 objects 8

3 objects 9

3 objects 10

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